n o n o b s t r u c t i o n
o ndo b s t r urc tci o n
undo b s t r urc tc  o nt
undo besn  r  rc tc  oent
und  besn  rc r  tc k ent
s und d esn   c r   c k e t
s u d d e n   c r i c k e t

Contribution to John Lely and James Saunders’ book Word Events: Perspectives on Verbal Notation (Continuum, 2012), discussing realising Seth Kim-Cohen’s Forever Got Shorter (from a t-shirt of the same name) (link to goes to youtube video of that performance).

Rewriting an Excerpt from John Cage’s ‘Composition as Process’ (1958) in Dancehall #3 (Psykick Dancehall).

Marvellous Aphorisms. An article on private messages in the early work of Gavin Bryars, written in 2004 or 2005 for the British Music Information Centre, now part of Sound And Music.