videos / recordings

Some solo stuff is on soundcloud.

Names of Things (duo with Matthew Grigg) at B Side, Münster, Nov 2013.

Solo at Druga Fala / Falanster, March 2013.

Audacious Art Space, Sheffield, June 2012.

Forever Got Shorter (from a t-shirt of the same name) by Seth Kim-Cohen. Bank St Arts, Sheffield, June 2010.

Weiss/ Weisslich 20 by Peter Ablinger. May 2010 in Sheffield.

Archipelago Works, Sheffield, December 2009.

Drumkit for Seth Kim-Cohen’s 68SFTD, ICA, London, July 2008.

With John Lely inside the organ at Goldsmiths College, London, 2007.


recordings out in the aether:

rts live – in Essen. With Florian Walter and Erhard Hirt on Acheulian Handaxe Records. 2019.

rts – Album with Florian Walter and Erhard Hirt on NurNichtNur. 2017.

Smacked Cucumber – First Time in Space. Cassette with Jennifer Iker. 2014 on Spam tapes.

Ludo Mich & Blue Yodel & Roman Nose & & Ross Parfitt & Jennifer Iker “The Clurichaun’s Naked Cheat With Sour Wine / The Leprechaun’s Coins Numismatist” on No Basement is Deep Enough. Cassette. 2014.

Ross Parfitt – ‘List of Spacecraft’ – 2013. Self-released CDR.

the whole voyald / infinite light – ‘polyhymnia’ – 2009. Percussion on side 2. Lotus Birth label.

various artists – ‘solo guitar’ – 2009. for hans iker; lumb bank slow retune. Winebox label.

ross parfitt – swell to great – 2009. peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god; golden peak gorse. Lotus Birth label.

various artists – thoughts from screeching lake – 2009. includes cornholme from the gain of the summer is unity (2005). Singing Knives label.

tirath singh-nirmala and ross parfitt – stones and fences – 2007?. Some stuff performed with tsn, some of each remixing the other. Self-released CDR.

ross parfitt – us in a place : us looking red – 2006. higher broughton; portsmouth; broadhurst gardens a & b; jebres jalan punk rock; mytholm; knoll street celebrates. Self-released CDR.

tirath singh nirmala and ross parfitt – crow hill winter solstice 2005. Self-released DVD.

ross parfitt – the gain of the summer is unity – 2005. shardcroft; heights road; jebres; 9 square 81; dedicate a tyger; cornholme; i know my babe. Self-released CDR.

vibracathedral orchestra – long live the weeds – 2000. CDR.

hood – the cycle of days and seasons – 1999. Domino records.