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10 July 2014 – with Mechthild Quander as In a Leopard.
22 June 2014 – Names of Things with Tobias Brügge at BLACK BOX im cuba.
24 May 2014 with Limpe Fuchs and Flamingo Creatures in Münster
23 May 2014 with Limpe Fuchs and Flamingo Creatures in Köln
22 May 2014 with Limpe Fuchs and Flamingo Creatures in Mainz
18 May 2014 with Steve Chase in Sheffield
17 May 2014 with Roman Nose in Bradford.
3 April 2014 – with Gregor Bohnensack at VHS, Münster.
2 Feb 2014 – With Phil Minton, John Russell and Paul Hubweber at BLACK BOX im cuba, Münster
20 Dec 2013 – psych-gong at OCCII, Amsterdam.
3 November 2013 – B Side, Münster. Names of Things and Dagora/Names of Things.
20 October 2013 – Spec Ops, Münster. Duo with Gregor Bohnensack.
20 July 2013 – with Jon Collin at Nick Mitchell’s thingy in the park in Manchester.
18 July 2013 – with Jon Collin at Furniture Maker’s in Sheffield.
27 June 2013 – Petra Paffenholz’s atelier, Dünnwalder Mauspfad 341, 51069 Köln, Germany. Playing Kudirka, Beuger, Wolff, Ablinger and others with Antoine Beuger and Joseph Kudirka.
28 June 2013 – BLACK BOX im cuba, Münster, Germany. Playing Kudirka, Cardew, Wolff, Ablinger and others with Joseph Kudirka
6 April 2013 – Espace en Cours, Paris, with Blue Yodel and Roman Nose
5 April 2013 – Echnum, Antwerp, with Ludo Mich, Blue Yodel and Roman Nose.
4 April 2013 – Koffie5euro, Rotterdam, with Blue Yodel and Roman Nose
1 April 2013 – West Germany, Berlin, with Blue Yodel and Roman Nose
30 March 2013 – Falanster, Wroclaw, with Blue Yodel and Roman Nose
28 March 2013 – Cafe v Lese, Prague, with Blue Yodel and Roman Nose
26 March 2013 – Oettinger Villa, Darmstadt, with Blue Yodel and Roman Nose.
10 November 2012. Geräuschwelten #66 at Black Box, Münster, Germany.
1 June 2012. Local feedback piece. Audacious Art Space, Sheffield.
October 2011. Sheffield Riverside and Islington Mill, Salford, with Vampire Blues.
23(ish) May 2011 for a month. Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, S1 2DS. Dropping objects onto drum kit. Part of an installation with Steve Chase, David Devaney and Ian Baxter.
18 March 2011. Hull Boathouse. Taped together a pile of drums and tried to hang them from the ceiling before they fell apart.
14 – 23 February 2011. Live event every night at 5.30 with Steve Chase. Observation pieces, non-observation pieces, coordinated 10 second chimes and uncoordinated running humming tones, Battleships and balancing.
5 December 2010. Showroom Cinema, Sheffield. With Steve Chase on concertina. Reed organ and pure-tone.
29 October 2010 – Cromford Contemporary, Derbyshire. With Jon and Fiona from Singing Knives. Improv, jumping, throwing and new idiot endurance cymbal piece – cumulative 64 counting.
19 May and 23 June 2010 – Bank St Arts, Sheffield. Part of Steve Chase’s residency, playing with him and Philip Thomas. Pieces by Alvin Lucier, John Lely, Michael Parsons, Christian Wolff, Seth Kim-Cohen, me and others. Youtube video of Seth Kim-Cohen’s Forever Got Shorter.
13 June 2010. Cafe Oto, London. Peter Ablinger’s ‘Weiss/Wesslich 20’ and version of upton, spinning cymbals n the concrete floor with Pekko Käppi, Jack Allett, Chora and Deepak Mahil.
12 June 2010 – Cube Cinema, Bristol, BS2 8JD – as part of a Singing Knives all-dayer.
9 and 14 May 2010 – Site Gallery, Sheffield, part of the amazing Sol LeWitt book exhibition. Peter Ablinger’s ‘Weiss/Wesslich 20‘ and John Lely’s new reed organ piece.
21 April 2010 – Bank St Arts, Sheffield, with Steve Chase and Joe Kudirka. Steve Chase’s ‘Ukelelevent #3 for Alison Knowles’, Michael Pisaro’s ‘la voix qui dit’ and Michael Parson’s ‘Guitar Piece for Peter Cusack’.
25 March 2010 – Bank St Arts, Sheffield, part of Steve Chase’s residency, with him and Philip Thomas. Peter Ablinger’s ‘Weiss/Wesslich 17c’, ‘Kleine Trommel und ukw-Rauschen (“Conceptio”)’ and 2 versions of his ‘Weiss/Wesslich 20’, Alvin Lucier’s ‘Chambers’, Tim Parkinson’s ‘Two cardboard Boxes’, Marcus Trunk’s ‘Slightly Ajar’ and Steve Chase’s ‘No title’.
13 Dec 2009 – Archipelago Works, Sheffield, Alberorovesciato, infinte light.  Cymbal and reed organ pieces. Youtube video of the cymbal piece.
03 Nov 2009 – The Chameleon, Nottingham. Supporting John Wiese.  Reed organ and guitar pieces.
30 Aug 2009 – Rowf! Rowf! Rowf! Islington Mill, Salford.Drumkit and guitar with Steve Chase.
25 March 2009 – fagin’s hideout / furniture makers, sheffield. Steve Reich’s ‘pendulum music’ and 3 simultaneous recordings of charles ives’ ‘3 places in new england.’
20 Dec 2008 – Heeley Institute, Sheffield. Singing Knives all-dayer. 3-cymbal piece.
16 July 2008 – ICA, London, drumkit for Seth Kim-Cohen’s 68SFTD, a 68 minute structural reworking of the Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil.
4 May 2008 – Sounds from the Other City, Salford. Reed organ and guitar with Jon Collin.
27 Oct 2007 – Red House, Sheffield. James Tenney’s ‘Koan: Having Never Written a Note for Percussion’.
13 Oct 2007 – Fuel, Manchester. Played Tenney’s ”Koan: Having Never Written a Note for Percussion’
12 Sep 2007 – Fagin’s hideout / Furniture makers, sheffield. Played a gong piece based on alvin lucier’s ‘silver streetcar for the orchestra’.
24 Jun 2006 – Crow Hill, Midgeley Moor, Hebden Bridge. Playing til dark with Tirath Singh Nirmala
16 Sept 2005 – Tate Modern, London.  Alvin Lucier’s ‘Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra’ solo triangle piece.  Part of Open Sound Systems curated by Seth Kim-Cohen.
?May 1998 – Newcastle University. Morton Feldman’s ‘The King of Denmark’.